Must have WordPress plugins – 2017

WordPress plugins are an easy way to add functionalities to your WordPress website. Though WordPress offers a large collection of functionalities and features many functionalities are missing in in the Core software. WordPress plugins help you to add these missing features into your website easily. Here we have compiled a list of must have WordPress plugins that will make your WordPress website feature rich and great.


Akismet a must have wordpress plugin

Akismet is undoubtfully one of the must have WordPress plugins which will help you to Keep your WordPress website spam free. It can efficiently analyze and filter out spam in real time. Askimet is founded by Matt Mullenweg in 2005. Since then it is keeping WordPress websites Spam Free. Akismet is a plugin that comes Pre-installed with every WordPress websites. It does a pretty good job by filtering out all your spam comments and save your time for manually removing the spam comments.

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Yoast SEO plugin for wordpress

Search engines are the source of major traffic in every website. Ranking your website on the first page of Google will help you to achieve an incredible number of traffic into your website. But it doesn’t happen by a twist of faith. You need to do the right SEO techniques to get your page rank number one in google. Yoast SEO is a great Search engine optimisation tool that you can use to optimize your WordPress website. Yoast SEO forces you to choose a focus keyword when you are writing your article, then make sure you use that keyword everywhere which help you to keep right keyword density. It has many other functionalities like Page Analysis, Meta and link elements optimisation, XML sitemaps, RSS optimization breadcrumbs etc. These Features make Yoast SEO a must have WordPress plugin for your WordPress website.

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w3 total cache

W3 Total cache is another must have plugin for your WordPress website. It’s a complete WordPress performance framework which will help you to improve your user experience by improving server performance. by improving and optimizing the page load time of your website W3 Total cache helps you to rank better in search engine result pages.

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monster insights

Monster insights is the best google analytics plugin for WordPress. It helps you to integrate your google analytics account to your WordPress website thereby allowing you to check your visitor status right in your WordPress dashboard. It has a lot of features like Easy and quick installation, real-time status, e-commerce tracking, universal tracking, link tracking, ads tracking, file download tracking etc. Monster insights come as a free version or as a pro version, If you like to take advantage of advanced features we suggest you to get their Pro version plugin.

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5.Google XML Sitemaps 

xml sitemap

XML sitemaps are very important in Search engine optimization. it helps better indexation of your website pages in search engines. This plugin is a must have WordPress plugins because it automatically generates XML sitemaps whenever you are creating a new post in your WordPress website.  This plugin can significantly improve your search engine optimization.

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must have wordpress plugins - floating social bar

Social media shares are a great way to improve traffic on websites. so it’s important to have social media buttons on your website. Floating social is a must have social media sharing tool that you need to install on your WordPress website. this tool is lightweight and it will not impact on your site speed. it is easier to install and it adds eye-catching horizontal share bars on your posts.

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sucri an important plugin for wordpress websites

Sucuri is a must have WordPress security plugin that every webmaster needs to install. Sucuri helps protect your WordPress website from hackers, malware, blacklists and distributed denial of service attacks.They act as a cloud proxy firewall between your website traffic and hosting server thereby protecting your site from illegitimate traffic. it offers real-time security alerts, server-side scanning, malware cleanup service and site audit logs. Though Sucuri costs $199 per year it’s a good security plugin that you can spend money without a doubt.

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duplicator backup plugin for wordpress

With this awesome plugin, you can copy or migrate your whole WordPress website. so you can move your site from one hosting to other hosting easily and handles both serialized and base 64 serialized string replacement. Duplicator is a great choice over standard migration and WordPress backups.

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Really simple ssl worpress plugin

The Really Simple SSL plugin helps you to configure https in your WordPress website. This lightweight plugin can automatically detect your configurations and set up your WordPress website to run over https. You need to get an SSL certificate from a registrar and Really simple SSL plugin will do the rest for you. If you ever tried to install SSL certificates manually on your WordPress website then you will probably know WordPress has issues with it. This plugin makes the whole process easy for you.

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AMP by google

Accelerated mobile pages(AMP) is a project by Google that provides optimized web contents instantly everywhere.once you have installed AMP plugin on your WordPress website all of your website pages will have dynamically generated AMP compatible versions. This will make a better and fast mobile user experience, which in turn boost up your rankings in search engine result pages. As increasing number of mobile traffic, AMP is a must have plugins for your WordPress website.

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