How to blur background in any Android device (Bokeh effect)

The new trend in the smartphone industry is dual camera smartphones, smartphones that can capture DSLR like background blurred photos. From iPhone 7 plus to The latest Xiomi Mi A1, the smartphone industry is flooding up with dual rear camera smartphones. The photos taken with those devices are stunning. However, do we really need a dual camera phone to take those bokeh effect photos? Well, the answer is No.

Here are Some amazing ways to blur the background with any Android device.

1.Google Camera

google camera - blur background with android

Google camera is an excellent app to take bokeh effect photos. Now let’s take a look at how to blur the background using it.

Step 1: Download and install google camera from here.

Step 2: Open the app and then swipe to left and click on Lens blur option.

blur background using google camera - android

Step 4: Now it will show a tutorial on how to take a lens blurred photograph with it. after going through the tutorial click on next.


bokeh effect in android

Step 5: The app then opens up the camera. Choose your object to focus, and click on the image icon then slowly raise your phone by keeping the object centered.

google camera

Step 6: Now the app will process your image, you can refocus if you want.

best app to blur background - google camera

2.After Focus

after focus-blur background

After focus is a powerful photo editing app to bring bokeh effect onto your photographs. it’s powerful editing features help you to convert your normal photographs into DSLR quality background blurred photographs.


  • Selected zone autofocus.
  • Create a crystal in the background.
  • Different filters to further improve your photos.
  • Share edited photos.

Step 1: Download Afterfocus

Step 2: Open the app and click on ‘select from gallery’ to select a photo to blur the background.

background blur - afterfocus

Step 3: On the next page you can see various options like focus, mild, background etc. You can use the focus tool to select the focus area, mild is for mild focusing, background serves like an eraser tool to erase out areas that do not want to be focused.

bokeh - afterfocus

Step 4: After selecting the focus area and the background area click the blue button in the top right corner, then afterfocus start processing the photo.


Although, it’s impossible to get a 100 percent DSLR like background blurred photo with your single lens android camera. These apps can give you near perfect DSLR like photos.

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